PCTeknicians Global Corp is a Indepentent online technical assistance service provider for applications, and hardware related topics in computers, notebooks, and peripherals. We offer solutions through our pool of trained experts and specialists who might be accredited by top technology companies like Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, D-LINK, HP etc.. The services we provide can also be accessible to the official site of the newest we supply support. The names, trademarks, logos, business names used from the site and also belong to their respective owners. Brands titles, trademarks, logos, business names used in the website are for representation purposes only. We’re just one stop solution.


The undisputed dependence we’ve shown on computer systems is adequate enough to urge for the instantaneous maintenance and upkeep the machines deserve. The largest of those businesses in the world are driven by computer programs and some other tweak here and there at the system may result in imperfections of mass influence. In an effort to reevaluate the practices that are trending, PCTeknicians Global Corp has emerged as a leading technical help firm with a wide spectrum of solutions.
Technical aid services cemented their existence years back. But, manipulative practices directly influence the deliverables. We PCTeknicians Global Corp have pledged to get rid of the inconsistencies by bestowing various advanced practices in our routine. The prime among them is using newest tools that help decrease the delay period and carry out automated identification of their gear. Our Remote accessibility tool is powerful enough to run customize remote controlling of their consumer’ system and ensuring information security and faster reaction. ,
PCTeknicians Global Corp has taken a giant leap by expanding its services along with other vital equipments too. Covering a extensive assortment of latest models and manufacturers, we’re set to emerge as a highly accomplished technical support service.


Secure the highest level of tech support services for your Windows 7, Vista and XP from our technical support group, that has the wisdom, expertise and the ability to handle the trickiest of problems or issues. Effortlessly. Yesour technical support staff is well adept at troubleshooting issues you might face while managing the windows powered by Microsoft, which facilitate the performance of a computer program. Although it’s among the greatest programs that permit you to arrange and guide the machine to carry out a job in a controllable fashion, it may also hamper your job in the event of any malfunction or stop in the working system. So not to let it affect your company, we offer an integrated support service to the same. In PCTeknicians Global Corpwe diagnose the problem, supply support and resolution for specific and general requirements, fix mistakes and tweak the system at a shortest possible time and price without compromising on the quality of our deliverables.

Install, repair, upgrade & Setup
In PCTeknicians Global Corp, we also do new installation of windows, fix or structure tainted windows, upgrade old windows and configure new and latest variant and also customize windows to allow it to be compatible with your company procedure. Any operating system suffers a breakdown sometimes and requires an upgrade to revive your windows each moment. And there may be a number of known and known causes of this. Therefore a new installation can be awkward when there is important business and private data to be stored. That’s the reason why, in PCTeknicians Global Corp, we have discovered a way to fix corrupt windows with no reduction to some important files. We’re technically permitted to execute fresh installation or upgrade windows onto your system remotely storing all of the programs intact as you keep working on the computer system. And we’re economical. Hence, there’s absolutely no need to fiddle with your system and do more harm to it.